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stomach refers to beef stomach (beef potty) but includes the stomach of any ruminant including cattle, sheep, deer, antelope, giraffes, and their relatives. Tripas, the related Spanish word, also refers to culinary dishes produced from any animal with a stomach.

To cook beef stomach, clean the stomach and cut it into uniform pieces. Boil the stomach by itself for 15-30 minutes to soften it, and then prepare a broth with vegetables, seasoning, salt, and water. Simmer the stomach in the broth for 1-3 hours until the stomach is tender, and save the stock for cooking later.

Duck meat is a strong flavored, gamey tasting meat that is closer to red meat in flavor than chicken. It has more fat which, when cooked correctly, provides a lovely mix of tender, a moist protein with a fatty mouthfeel. The taste of the duck could roughly be compared to liver or steak

Duck is nutritious and delicious. Duck is lean meat – comparable in fat and calories to a skinless chicken or turkey breast. It's also an excellent source of selenium and zinc, both of which encourage good cellular metabolism. Since duck is red meat, it contains higher amounts of iron than other poultry.

1. Pork is a high-protein food and contains varying amounts of fat.

2. Pork is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals.

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Usually, people classify mutton by the amount of bone it contains. In that way legs, shoulders, round (raan) are the best option as these pieces contain very less amount of bone. Raan will be a bit tough compared to the other two. 

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Yes, all of our meats are 100% halal cut by human beings in the proper Halal methodology. The primary benefit of the Halal methodology is that the blood is completely let out which makes the meat stay longer and is healthier.

Yes, MRL Farms will deliver rabbit meat and other meat like, Beef, Mutton, Chicken, Duck and Fish, Seafood, Eggs, etc.. in Edappally


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